Top 5 Latest Technology Innovations

Latest Technology

Latest Technology innovations pave the way for more revolutionary technologies in future. Technology evolves constantly. It never rests. From the early days of mankind, evolution is a constant companion. The simplest form of technology is the development and use of basic tools. The most common definition of technology is that technology is the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences. Recent years show the shift to digital mode. Many things in the present day are much simple owing to the digitalisation process. Faster, simpler and user-friendly technology are taking over multiple sectors which earlier required much of unnecessary manual labour.

Evolution of Technology

Mobile phone usage is rising at a dramatic rate. Keeping up with the technological revolution, every year brings out the latest mobile technology. With its superior performance, it easily surpasses its predecessors. New technology benefits us in many ways. For example, a technology which utilises natural and renewable sources of energy advances made in medical sciences, the space programs and many other ground-breaking technologies are coming out every year. The vast range of technology and its unlimited scope for future evolution promises the bright future ahead.

Best Innovations of 2018

Like every other year, this year, 2018 also brought out some of the most interesting technologies till date. While some of these Latest Technologies are yet to start out in mass production, but they are sure to leave their mark in the chronicle of technological evolution.

Therefore here are some of the coveted technological innovations of 2018.

Artificial Intelligence or AI for everybody

Artificial Intelligence or AI is not a new concept. But it progressed leaps and bounds in 2018. AI is one of the major drives behind the digital transformation. Right now there are few companies which dominate the use of AI. But more companies can avail this cloud-based service which in turn will help to boost the economy further. As for now, Amazon Web services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are the only ones to possess this technology.

These companies created a number of machine and deep learning APIs and microservices. Therefore making it easy for businesses to deploy AI for business operations and automation purposes. These solutions are aimed at achieving cost effectiveness, easy setup and quick to deploy.

In conclusion, cloud-based AI is making technology cheaper and easier to use. AI, at present, is dominant in mostly tech industry. But many other businesses and industries, for instance, sectors like medicine, manufacturing and energy can also benefit a lot from this Latest Technology.

Babel – Fish Earbuds

The Babel-Fish Earbuds are the real-time translators. One of Google’s best innovations in 2018, these pair of Earbuds, called Pixel buds work with Pixel smartphone and Google translator app. The outcome is the real-time translation of languages and thus aiding in communication.

One person wears the Earbuds while the other person holds the phone. The earbud wearer speaks his or her language and the app translates what is said and plays it aloud on the phone. When the person holding the phone responds, this response is translated and played through the Earbuds.

While the app Google translate also has the same functionality, the background noise makes it difficult for the app to understand the words spoken. Pixel Buds, the Latest Technology that Google presents, on the other hand, solves this problem. While these devices need improvements on the hardware section, this makes way for mutually intelligible communication between languages possible.

Online Privacy

With some major data leaks, worldwide hacking and rising concern for online security, 2018 brings hope for a secured future. Internet privacy is finally more secure due to a new “tool”.

This “tool” is an emerging cryptographic protocol called zero-knowledge proof. ZCash, JPMorgan Chase, ING are the key players for this technology. This tool is also useful for banks, for using block chains in payment systems without sacrificing their client’s privacy. For any normal user, this tool will help to disclose personal information online, without risking one’s privacy or exposing oneself to identity thefts.

Zero-Carbon Natural Gas

The rising environment crisis and pollution of every type make this century a crucial time for people to take effective measures before it’s too late. While still in its initial phase, a pilot power plant in the US is developing a technology that can make clean energy from natural gas a reality. This project aims to generate power at least as cheaply as standard natural gas plants and capture essentially all the carbon-dioxide released in the process. This technology, therefore, would present a way to produce carbon-free energy from fossil fuel at a reasonable cost.

However, this project requires 3-5 years for completion. This Latest Technology will help in avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and in turn make the world a cleaner place.

Artificial Embryo

The origin of life is a mystery that instigates the curiosity of scientists and makes them dive deep into extensive researches to divulge the truth. In 2018, researchers are finally able to make a breakthrough that redefines the creation of life. Embryologists at the University of Cambridge grew realistic looking mouse embryos using only stem cells and without any egg or sperm cells.

The University of Cambridge, University of Michigan, Rockefeller University are leading the experiments on this field. Artificial embryos will make it easier for researchers to study life and its beginnings. But on the other side, this experiment and its subsequent results are causing bio-ethical debates.


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