How to Increase Sales in Business

Increasing sales takes more than having a great product. In this article, we’ve asked business experts from every field to share with us their insights on how to improve your sales revenue.

1. Clearly Define and Continually Refine Your Brand

In my experience as a small business marketing consultant, I always bet on brand refinement as the best and most efficient method to increase sales for small businesses operating for more than three years. Clearly define who you are, what you do, what you don’t do, who are your best customers, who your competition is, why people choose them, and why your customers choose you. Refining your brand helps you leverage your unique experience as a business owner to create focused messaging and communication about you, your products and your services. In reaching brand clarity, you avoid wasting time communicating relevant or irrelevant noise to people who may or may not be your customers. Instead, focused communication allows you to cut the crap and give people what they need to know in order to make a buying decision or move on. By having this focus, you acquire more customers, more frequently, without using more time or capital to do so.

2. Set Up a Dedicated Business Phone Line

Keeping your business and personal phone numbers separate makes it much easier to make and respond to your cold calls. With VoIP service, you can make business phone calls without being tied to your desk or an expensive business phone service. RingCentral is a VoIP provider that costs up to 70% less than traditional phone lines and lets you call, text, and fax from your mobile phone using a local or toll-free business number. You also get unlimited calls to anywhere in the US and Canada.

3. Be Active in Sending Abandoned Cart Emails

Our company uses email marketing to dramatically grow small business and ecommerce brands that reshape their industries. We’ve seen 250% to 400% blended return on ad spend for many clients brands of all different shapes and sizes. One such approach would be to send multiple abandon cart emails. Have an online shopping cart? Send a gentle reminder that the customer’s cart is still available. Let them know you haven’t forgotten about them. This is also a good time to include a promotion. Try to find the sweet spot that drives more conversions without cutting too far into your margins.

4. Nurture Existing Client Accounts

Many companies put too much emphasis on closing new customers and accounts, and not enough on retaining and growing existing accounts. Depending on the industry, it’s 5 to 25 times more expensive to get a new customer than to retain and grow an existing one. So businesses should stay close to their customers, have occasional listening conversations with them – rather than always trying to sell to them – and improve their service and offerings based on that feedback. Customers also want different content than prospects, so use email, blogs, and videos to create content that’s useful for them. Retaining and selling more to current customers is at the center of my “Bullseye Marketing Framework” for these reasons.

5. Personalize Your Email Campaign to Increase Conversions

Email campaigns are a very popular and effective way to increase sales. Businesses that personalize the messages see higher response and conversion rates. Try taking your email campaign a step further by using Hippo Video to not only create personalized videos, but embed them into the body of the email and send them out in bulk to your entire email list.

This compels email recipients to actually consume and interact with the content you send out, increasing the likelihood of closing deals. It also gives you the tools to track your video email campaign performance, so that you can monitor things like click rates, open rates, and watch duration.


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